Why don’t Mama’s bagels have a hole?

A good bagel is not defined by its hole. It should be chewy from high gluten flour. It should have a shiny, slightly hard crust from boiling. It should have a golden brown color and a slightly malty taste. Since we arrived on the scene, the rolls “with a hole” are exploding. As most of our bagels are eaten as a sandwich we have left only the idea of a hole to avoid mayonnaise, cream cheese or salmon leak on our clients’ laps.


Why isn't Mama's Bakery open on Sundays?

Beacuse our partners in life, Davide and Francesca (15 and 8 years old) want us to be with them!


Fate torte di compleanno o per feste a tema?

Sì, certamente. Su ordinazione si preparano torte davvero strepitose, in stile americano, con ingredienti freschi, con frutta di stagione e con decorazioni adatte all'evento.


Fate consegne a domicilio?

Per le consegne contattate The Food (www.thefood.it) e il vostro ordine vi arriverà caldo direttamente a casa o in ufficio in tempi brevissimi.